Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sept Secrets behind the scene :)

This Flower headband has been chosen as the flower of the Month For September and will ship for FREE. Every month I will choose a flower and the shipping cost will be free for the entire month(well as long as supplies last). :)

I am also working on a new line to add to my collection! The line is called Vintage Cuteness. I am so excited! I have been working with a ton of feathers....netting...pearls and dupioni silk! Busy creating and shipping new creations out to be photographed and this is just the start! Whew! I am waiting for new supplies to come in for this line. I will have several more items that need to be photographed in September. Any takers? Contact me. I can barely keep up with it all! This has been a busy week for me! I also started getting orders in my etsy shop when I opened back up at 12am Monday!

Also in the works...just about postponed until spring but am going to start getting the New Petite Fleur's Vintage Inspired Jewelry going too...Hope to debut a few pieces the first day of fall.

The next few weeks are going to be puppy....homeschooling for the first time ......getting out orders......creating more new items....= busy! I am getting dizzy just thinking about it! Also in the plans.... a new shop! Plans to open a second shop online....I want to include more props/items for babies and little girls...things like tutus, legwarmers , and adorable Vintage inspired beanies!Keep checking in for the latest updates...also random giveaways are always possible!

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  1. By the way.... I just think these photos of this headband by Tania Settje and Julie MayRee Oliver www.juliemayreephotography are just beautiful! These photos are being featured as my favorite "Photos of the month" for September! :)