Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Petite Fleurs the international Label :)

New photos from the talented Sophie and Laura at Captured with love photography in New South Wales Australia! These girls did an awesome job and looks like they had a lot of fun! I have enjoyed working with them and adding the images they gave me to my listings in my etsy shop! Here are just a few! Thank you Laura and Sophie!!! To see more visit www.bellasma.etsy.com

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sneek Peek! October Flower Headband of the Month!

You know what that means!!! Yep on sale and shipping is free on this item all of October while supplies last!
Get yours October 1st in the size you need at


Thursday, September 23, 2010

New EtSy sHoP !


Yep! That's right Julie has a new Etsy shop. She is making gorgeous new banners like my new ones you'll see below and she is offering her photography service to those who wish to give their etsy shops a professional look. She does beautiful work. She gives 150% to everything she does. You will love her work. She's friendly,professional and all around awesome! See the images below. Check her shop out today for fabulous introductory packages.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

More to me than just headband ... lol Like these two...

Pictures of my other Job from this week! lol! :)

New additions this week at www.bellasma.etsy.com

The New LuXE headband and clip......more of these to come in other colors.
I am so excited about these!
Thank you Emma for getting these Images to me so quickly!Stunning!

These were a huge hit as well this week in addition to the LUXE items
we have more vintage Cuteness The Mauve Feather Clip
and another Duo in French Blue
Thank you Julie, for the lovely photos! Everyone loves them.

New Pretties in!

Thank you all for all of the new beautiful Images!
Thank you for getting them to me so quickly :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Petite Fleurs Jewelry line has launched!

I promised this line would launch on the first day of fall. Well to my surprise
the awesome talented photographer that I asked to photograph the new line got my pkg TODAY! and Yes gave me these gorgeous pics TODAY! So here is a the early debut of the Petite Fleur's Fall/Winter Jewelry line! They will be in my shop by the end of this week! I hope you like. I will be adding more to this line too.... I hope! I hope these go over well. I know the photos are gorgeous that is for sure! Thank you Julie MayRee Oliver for the beautiful and fast service! She launched the line on her Cute stuff by JO FB page this afternoon! Thank you Julie! xoxoxo

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vintage cuteness Available this week....still more to come!

Thank you Nichole Burdett for the gorgeous "vintage cuteness photos"!!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

still more... new beautiful photos this week!!!!!

And what a busy week it was! whew! 71 etsy sales in one week! And a huge wholesale order of 90! I had to employ two family members this week! Oh my! I am busy!
So excited about all the photograhers I am working with. On top of a record breaking week ...I got pics of a beautiful High School Senior modeling some of my stuff.... Thanks to Julie Mayree Photography! Don't forget to look at her photos if you have not seen them. They are soooo beautiful! I know they have helped me sell to women as well! I sold many many size large headbands this week and some red clips :)! Thank you Julie!!!! :) Thank you all for making my shop look so beautiful.
What a busy busy busy busy week! Now you know why my etsy shop is closed until wednesday!lol!

More new pics and cuteness!

Thank you girls for all of the beautiful new pics this week! SOooo many new ones! I love every single one!!! Thank you for making my pretties look BEAUTIFUL!

Tutus Leg Warmers and Beanies! OH my! and more....