Sunday, September 5, 2010

still more... new beautiful photos this week!!!!!

And what a busy week it was! whew! 71 etsy sales in one week! And a huge wholesale order of 90! I had to employ two family members this week! Oh my! I am busy!
So excited about all the photograhers I am working with. On top of a record breaking week ...I got pics of a beautiful High School Senior modeling some of my stuff.... Thanks to Julie Mayree Photography! Don't forget to look at her photos if you have not seen them. They are soooo beautiful! I know they have helped me sell to women as well! I sold many many size large headbands this week and some red clips :)! Thank you Julie!!!! :) Thank you all for making my shop look so beautiful.
What a busy busy busy busy week! Now you know why my etsy shop is closed until wednesday!lol!


  1. Thank you so much Deirae. I am blessed to have such wonderful photographers! Will be talking to you soon :)