Wednesday, August 17, 2011

End of Summer Sales on Sundays!

Don't forget to check our FB page out on Sundays! We will be having comment game albums listed with discounted items. I do combine shipping on these items and no matter how many you win at the discount price the shipping in the US will be 2.00 per customer and 4.00 shipping outside of the US.

Here is how this all works:
As soon as I list the album the first person to leave their paypal email address(for billing purposes)under that image of the item you wish to purchase will win that item at the discount price listed under the image of the item that you are commenting on. If you are outside of the US you will need to leave me that info as well along with your paypal email so that I can invoice you the correct amount for shipping. Payment is due within 24 hrs of getting your invoice by paypal. Please be careful to leave the correct email address that you use for your paypal account and remember FB will not let you copy and paste your comments. The comment will most likely not show up unless you type in your email address. This is a new non spam type feature that FB has for business pages now.

I will announce more later this week on FB as to the approx time on Sunday that this album of items at discounted price will be available to comment on. If you are not yet a fan on FB please join us here by clicking here > Petite Fleurs

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See ya Sunday!

Photography by:
Timesless Fotographie by Terah Wilson

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