Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Well it's been a crazy month! March was hectic and I don't think it's going to get any less hectic in April. These are the things I am working on now and through April.

~M2M hair accessories for Apricots and Lollipops and have I mentioned how adorable her new designs are? working with Julie Mayree Oliver and Anna and Blue Paperie on this project as well!

~M2M not telling yet hair accessory for one of my all time etsy dress makers at JANUM

~Newborn props for a special NY mother to be :)

~Newborn props for My AU lady :) who is coming to the US to hold some fabuolous NB posing workshops! More on that later!!

~Wedding Accessories by Becki Walker Photography! So excited about these!

~One to two limited additons are going to a special photographer that I am fascinated by her work and thrilled she's working with me!!!

~Hoping to finish up with the spring/summer collection, all props are out, just waiting for a few more images!

~Still trying to keep my etsy shop stocked!

~Working on adding more teen/adult accessories/props

~Still plans to open that specialty shop!

~Would love to add some more clips and felt items(those are looking fun to make :D)

~Still Homeschooling, taking care of a toddler and enjoying my family
trying to keep up with running a business and running this house is very interesting.

~Would love to break my habit of staying up all night working!

~Started thinking ahead about how to simplify my life! haha! Good luck, right?

~ I am looking and thinking about adding a few fall/holiday items. Will send those out in Aug. Going to stock up in Sept when I take a month off and get all items made for the holiday season.

~Working on my mad editing skills, when I have a minute! It's so fun, I am really enjoying it!

~Thinking about bringing back the flower of the month!

~What are your plans for April?

on that note.... leaving a couple Images of My Step daughter Sierra modeling some of our new teen/Adult line! Thanks for coming by!

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